Integrative Training & Consulting, L.L.C. (ITC)

Improving Organizational Health
In response to the school shooting in Flint, Michigan, Integrative Training & Consulting, L.L.C. (ITC) was founded. Since January 2000, ITC has evolved into a multifaceted training, consulting, and coaching organization with a diverse and comprehensive range of professional competencies.

Today, educational systems (which are comprised of all stakeholders - schools, governing institutions, administrators, educators, families, and supporting associations and organizations) are challenged not only to provide the best education possible to our children but also to resolve a wide spectrum of social, legislative, and community issues. This ever-growing list includes:

• Increase in student population
• High teacher turnover
• Epidemic of school violence
• Influx of special need populations
• Adherence and compliance of mandated policies

Compounding the everyday concerns is the threat of terrorism and its impact not only on the physical safety of our school communities but also on organizational health as a whole.

ITC - Leader in Educational Advancements
Integrative Training & Consulting partners with organizations, educators, parents and all stakeholders to overcome these challenges through organizational consultations and assessments, professional development, and coaching. Through its application of leading edge thinking, ITC’s experienced professionals intervene and stop downward spirals, assist and support the implementation of new initiatives, and provide advice and encouragement throughout the transformation process enabling the educational systems to focus on what they do best – educating our children.

Why do some program initiatives fail even before they get off the ground?
ITC asserts that failed programs can be directly linked to the interactions and relationships within and among educational systems. ITC’s approach is to primarily target and address the organizational effectiveness by working within the system. In addition, we have developed a unique approach to academic training by stimulating the professional growth and development of teachers, which positively impacts educational climate, adaptation capabilities, and leadership effectiveness.

ITC is dedicated to educational advancements, improving organizational health, empowering parents and families, and personal and professional growth. Building on our success in dealing with the systemic and cultural issues within school systems, we offer the opportunity to attain excellence.
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